-Which ASN is used by BGPTunnel.com?
All downstreams are connected via AS209533.

-In which locations is BGPTunnel.com available?
BGPTunnel.com is available in the following iFog locations:
-Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Oslo, Barcelona
-North America: Toronto, Kansas City

-Is IPv4 Tunnel Transit available as well?
Free IPv4 Transit over Tunnels is available in most locations.

-Is a LOA required?
We don’t accept LOAs. Routes must have a route(6) object in IRRs like RADB, ARIN, RIPE..

-Are AS-Sets supported?
No, AS-Sets are only supported on iFog VPSs, Colo, Dedicated and paid Transit.

-Are Downstreams supported?
No, Downstreams are only supported on iFog VPSs, Colo, Dedicated and paid Transit.

-How many free tunnels & IXP sessions can I request?
Currently, we limit users to the following:
-personal networks - 2 tunnels
-non-commercial networks but registered businesses - 1 tunnel
-commercial networks may buy a subscription at my.ifog.ch

-Can I use BGPTunnel.com for my commercial project?
No, BGPTunnel.com is strictly intended only for personal, and non-profit networks. Commercial offerings are available at ifog.ch

-What is the difference between BGPTunnel.com and paid Transit from AS34927?
Our free BGPTunnel service does not include premium carriers like Deutsche Telekom, Liberty Global, and others, and it does not come with any SLA, no support, and BGP Communities are not available.

-How much Traffic is fair-use?
Fair use Traffic is determined at our discretion, up to 1TB/m is usually okay. If we detect high amounts of traffic that is not fair-use you will be notified.

-What is the maximum speed on free tunnels?
Free tunnels are limited to 100Mbit/s.

-Why did my account get deleted?
If your account was removed, please check the AUP.

-Why did my ASN not get verified?
You possibly did not meet the requirements or were in violation of the AUP.

-Where can I write you if I have a problem?
Please understand that BGPTunnel is a non-commercial project, hence support is limited. You may ask for help on Discord or with service issues contact our admins via Email.

-How long does it take to verify my ASN?
Verifying your ASN may take up to 48h. DO NOT attempt to delete & re-add it.

Deployment Notes

Important deployment nodes on how to use BGPTunnel.com:
-The BGP Peering details are visible in the portal.
-We don’t use multihop and do not support MD5.
-Peering IPs are not routed, hence you should set your own IPs that you announce via BGP as the source IPs, for example by setting one of your own IPs on a looback interface and use this IP as krt_prefsrc in birds kernel protocol, else outbound connections will fail.

-Note that GRE Tunnels require the endpoint IP to be reachable, use of GRE behind NAT is not recommended.


-BGPTunnel is a non-commercial offering. We don’t provide ANY SLA, guarantees or support levels.
-You must announce at least one IPv6 prefix on your ASN.
-BGPTunnel is strictly only for non-commercial networks. If we detect an account abusing services for commercial activities, we reserve the right to terminate the account at any time.
-Don’t be a dick. If you think you might abuse the service you probably are.
-BGPTunnel.com is run by iFog GmbH, if you have an account not in good standing at my.ifog.ch we reserve the right to not provide free services to you until your obligations are met.

-The following activities are forbidden on BGPTunnel.com:
Mass mailing, Hacking, DDoS, Port Scanning, TOR, Public Relay, Proxies.
This list is in no way complete, we reserve to extend it at any time.

Any activity that is illegal under local laws and swiss law is forbidden on BGPTunnel.com.
If you think it may be illegal or questionable, it probably is not the right fit for BGPTunnel.com

-We dont allow multiple accounts by the same person. Users who have multiple accounts will be removed.

-BGPTunnel runs a strict no-abuse policy. In case of abuse or miss use of our services we reserve the right to close your account and terminate all services. In case of illegal activities, we reserve the right to report you to authorities.

Account policy
-Any person with a qualifying ASN may sign up under bgptunnel.com.
-By creating an account, you agree that you will receive service updates and news from iFog GmbH.
-The ASN must be verified before you use BGPTunnel.com. By adding your ASN you confirm that you are authorised to use this ASN and Prefixes.
-Accounts that violate any policy or are otherwise blocked at ifog.ch may be deleted at any time.
-We reserve the right to cancel any account at any time without giving any reason.